wow! look at all of these new followers, h-hi everyone

i think i’m back now from my unannounced hiatus; things have been really hectic for me lately and i’ve been down in the dumps about my art, but i think i’m finally getting over it!

heirofwesteros asked: your art us so nice uvu your allison piece reminds me of the art in th 101 dalmatians cartoon

aghhh oh lord, THANKS! allison is my forever girl

i love the style in 101 dalmatians, such wonderful shapes and colors ;u;

bosmer-booty asked: Your art is so spectacularly dynamic. The figures always look on the brink of movement.

thank you! i worry a lot about stiffness, so this is really wonderful to hear ehehee

i caught up on teen wolf and i


fox and wolf


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katsucon was absolutely amazing! the malboro was so so so cool, i probably spent an unhealthy amount of time taking pics with it and lurking by it

If thou art a true discipline of the Dark Sun, cast aside thine ire,
hear the voice of mineself, Gwyndolin, and kneel before me.

ah, sif, there you are

all of you, forgive me

for i have availed you nothing