Commission for pepyri of their WildStar character, Bravelie!

they grow up TOO FAST

Commission for pepyri of their character, Maye!

Commission for Evion of their Exile, Gaius Caster!

Commission for dawn-silver wing of their Draenei, Starpath!

Commission for swordsisterlonde of their WildStar character, Atheia!



This month I’m looking to take 5 bust commissions; shoot me an ask if you’re interested.

I’ll send you more details from there (paypal, e-mail, etc). Screen shots, armory links, and details that don’t show up in game (tattoos, piercings, scars, etc) are immensely helpful, and if you want, a short description of their personality! Tell me about your mmo kids. This is a new endeavor for me as I’ve never tackled commissions, so I want to keep the load light until I’m sure I can maintain quality and speed.

They would be similar to this, and this

The Price: $15 

What I’m accepting right now: Your FFXIV: ARR, WoW, and Wildstar characters.

On the note of this being a new experience for me, I’m sure there will be hiccups and stumbles along the way and all I ask for is patience. Thanks guys!

Commissions are closed, thanks everybody! I’ll make a post when I open commissions back up next month.

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